Trainum Group announces contract with AFS Services to develop a business strategy to expand its operations to the U.S. Southeast Coast

Trainum Group has agreed to partner with AFS Services to develop new business strategies to expand operations throughout the U.S. southeast region.  Trainum Group will help guide AFS Services, with the primary focus on winning construction management contracts for projects located in shipyards along the southeast coast.  “AFS Services provides impeccable construction management services,” said Scott Trainum, founder and CEO of Trainum Group, “We look forward to helping AFS win more contracts and achieve their goals for growth.” 

About AFS 

AFS Services is a woman-owned small business focusing on construction management.  With over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, AFS Services provides the highest standards of safety, quality, and schedule management to their clients.  Safety is our top priority; our supervisors have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in construction and are required to maintain First Aid and OSHA certifications.  AFS has a rigorous quality control program that is administered in-house by a QA/QC manager. Learn more at their website,

About Trainum Group 

Trainum Group is a small business offering management and consultancy services.  The company specializes in micro-venture capital and helping companies mature into growing enterprises by providing guidance and professional management.  Trainum Group employs experts in accounting, financial systems, sales, marketing, strategic planning, project management, organizational leadership, IT services, and support.  With over 35 years of experience leading companies, founder and CEO Scott Trainum, and his team of professionals are equipped to handle projects of all sizes and complexity.