Sr. Financial & Management Consultant

Ray is a seasoned financial and business management professional with over 25 years of diverse industry experience. His career has taken him from the city of Chicago, Illinois, where he honed his expertise in both public and private accounting, to the rural Midwest, where he assumed pivotal roles as CFO and CEO, and to the vibrant business centers of the East Coast as a consultant. 

In his more recent roles, Ray demonstrated his leadership skills as the General Manager/CEO of a prominent renewable fuels company specializing in ethanol and biodiesel production and as the CFO for a major commercial egg layer farm. Over his tenure with these companies, Ray excelled in strategic and business planning, project management, and financial modeling, while overseeing many facets of business operations. 

Notably, Ray has joined the Trainum Group and been involved on multiple engagements spanning the aviation, manufacturing, and technology sectors. In these capacities, he leveraged his financial management abilities to provide valuable insights and forecasting, enabling companies to make informed and strategic decisions. 

Ray’s academic foundation includes a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Northern Illinois University, complemented by his certification as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). His extensive experience and dedication to financial excellence have made him a respected figure in the world of finance and business management.